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Sussex Forklifts.
01444 247 197
Mexmast was founded over 20 years ago as a service based business repairing and maintaining customers
forklift trucks. Today we are one of the largest independent forklift companies in the South East supplying
new and used forklifts to an ever growing customer base. We firmly believe the main reason for our sustained
growth over the years is that we regard every customer, whether large or small in the same fashion. We
continue to offer a first rate backup if your forklift breaks down and are on hand to offer advice on any
material handling matter.

There is a wide range of choice when it comes to a forklift supplier and we understand that we need to remain
on top of our game with our fast response, fair pricing and by offering the right product that’s fit for purpose.
We are not a large national company who may lean towards supporting their blue chip brand customers
more than the one truck user, nor are we a man in a van who can struggle to offer a full back up to all his
customers, we are an ideal size to cope with customers large and small. As part of the Doosan network we can reach customers all over the UK using engineers from our sister companies to service your non South East depots.

Still a family owned company we pride ourselves on our communication both with our customers and internally with each other. In an era ruled by call centres you can be assured that when you call us we will know who you are and what your expectations are. This means we can resolve any issues you have immediately leaving you free to carry on with what you should be doing, running your business, rather than worrying about your forklifts.

Based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, just 15 minutes from Gatwick airport, we reside in an excellent facility with a large workshop area, two warehouses full of forklifts to rent and for sale, driver training facilities and a large office space. We welcome potential customers to our HQ, we are happy to show you around and to meet the team.

Thank you for visiting our Website, although you can learn a bit about us from here and you can get an idea of the products and services we offer we recommend you come and meet us to see what we are really all about.

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