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JLG has been designing and manufacturing aerial work platforms for almost 40 years. They pride themselves on customer-driven technical knowledge and innovation, resulting in a superior range of products that are designed from the inside out to keep pace with a changing and demanding world. A great deal of importance on the aesthetics of the machine being sensitive to the surroundings. Ergonomic design is important – helping the user to operate the machine with ease and confidence – and being in complete control. It is also a product that is durable and reliable. Our quality is second to none and our guarantee is a full one-year warranty with a further five-year structural warranty. Mexmasts top sellers are the 10 & 20MSP stock pickers, ideal for small box picking at height. The range of JLG is vast and below you will find a some details on the electric range, a hybrid diesel range is also available so please contact us to discuss in greater detail.
Vertical Personal Lifts
JLG’s vertical personnel lifts are the smallest aerial work platforms in the entire range. Provided to meet the needs of applications where space is limited and the floor load is restricted. The lifts are designed to have a minimum footprint area and can be set up quickly so there is little delay for you to start on the task ahead. The personnel lifts consist of a work platform attached to an aluminum mast that extends vertically. Platforms vary in size and capacity but all carry one person (some models carry two) with optional attachments to carry tools and materials with ease. There are three types of vertical personnel lifts available: push around vertical lifts, self-propelled vertical lifts, and self-propelled stock picker vertical lifts.
Electric Scissor Lifts
JLG’s range of electric scissor lifts cover a multitude of applications – both inside and out. JLG offer three ranges of electric scissor lifts – ES series, LE series and LiftLux™ Electric Series – providing a versatile choice to suit all types of applications. Scissor lifts are used where less outreach but more workspace and lifting capacity are required. They are designed to provide larger platform work areas to walk on and generally allow for heavier loads than boom lifts. Scissor lifts may be manouevred in a manner similar to boom lifts but the platform may be raised only vertically, except for a deck extension that provides some horizontal outreach and additional working area.
Mast Boom Lifts
The JLG Toucan™ mast boom lift is a vertical lift with a difference. Although the lift raises and lowers vertically, it has the added advantage of a turntable that rotates over 340 degrees at the base of the mast for precise positioning and, at the top of the mast, a jib boom that provides the platform with additional up-and-over outreach. All in all, it is one of the most versatile lifts, with a compact body that is extremely manoeuvrable in and out of tight spaces.

The steel mast design is incredibly strong, providing an extremely rigid support for the platform and for the comfort of the operator. This is a truly versatile aerial work platform for use in all kinds of retail and industrial applications.

Electric Boom Lifts
Throughout the world you will see JLG electric boom lifts used in warehouses, factories and shopping malls, as well as in outdoor locations. They are designed and engineered for reaching up and over machinery, equipment and other obstacles mounted on floors and for reaching other elevated positions.

All models can be driven up to full elevation. Narrow chassis models enable easy access to narrow aisles and congested work areas. With automatic traction control (ATC), they perform smoothly over uneven surfaces or obstacles and non-marking tyres that are standard on narrow models are perfect for indoor use. On the E600 series, an optional oscillating axle and all-wheel drive improves ground contact and terrain performance.