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As well as offering the Doosan range of warehouse equipment we can also offer the wide range of pramac stackers and pedestrian pallet trucks. Built in Italy Pramac offer a good budget solution as well as bespoke solutions to your pedestrian handling needs. The world of pedestrian trucks can actually be more confusing than you would think so please contact us so we can determine the right product for you.
Manual Trucks
The Lifter manual trucks range, produced in Italy, offers a complete series of ideal tools for handling pallets of any size. The range is made up of reliable products of high quality with a three-year warranty. Lifter products are available in a wide range of models, with possible customisations based on specific final users requirements, offering tailor made solutions projected by the internal R&D department.
Scales Trucks
The lifter scale truck series is avaiable in two models, both of wich equipped with an intelligent weighing device with many operating options. It is suitable for lifting and carrying heavy loads; it is therefore very precise and functional in alla internal weighing operation.
High Lift Pallet Trucks
The HX10 series, avaiable in manual and electric version, makes possible an easy and light lifting to a height of 800mm, thus becoming a practical work platform, wich is suitable for places such as machine workshops. This pallet truck is also able to carry out the support function and material supply along the assembly and production lines.
Electric Pallet Trucks
The electric pallet trucks range has been designed to obtain compact machines able to operate even in spaces of extremely limited dimensions, where small sizes of trucks are a prerequisite. The internal production of the machines has been projected for several applications, from lighter uses to intensive applications that meet specific needs of the professional handling operators. On the whole series it is possible to do modifications in order to meet customer needs in terms of functional requirements. The braking system with energy recovery, AC technology or the double lifting system are some of the mechanical and technological devices selected to improve and develop solutions that meet handling market requests.
The manufacturing division of Lifter stackers, produced in the central plant located in Italy, is characterized by special know-how acquired over time by all members of the staff, operating in stackers production since 1990. Manual, semi-electric and electric stackers are ideal to work in narrow spaces and can be easily adapt to less intensive uses too, thanks to a wide range of products. Moreover stackers con be modified offering tailor made solutions on the base of customers individual needs.