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Whether you have one machine or a large fleet, Mexmast can supply maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs for all materials handling equipment.

We have a great team of mobile engineers with years of experience between them (thousands of years if you add up their ages). Our vans are stocked with the main parts we need to maintain your trucks and get them back on the road as soon as possible. We hold a large parts store at burgess hill and most parts we do not have are next day delivery from our suppliers. We can’t always fix your truck immediately but we are open and honest and keep you informed of how long your truck is likely to be down if it has a major fault.

We have excellent workshop facilities for rebuilds and if we have to get your truck off site to repair, if you want to keep your older truck going and realise it needs work to give it a new lease of life then our engineers can make even the oldest most tired truck like new again.

As a Mexmast customer we will hold a full service record of your forklifts and all the repairs undertaken. We pre-plan servicing and Thorough Exams and call you in advance to book or engineers to come to site.

Why have a thorough examination?
Why have regular servicing?
... because both are a LEGAL REQUIREMENT !
(Visit our Health & Safety page for further information)